How It All Started – Short Version:

As with many companies, Phoenix Rose Fasteners wasn’t always the booming business it is today.  After working for an industrial supply company as a sales rep, Richard (Sr) and two others decided they would open their own place in Columbus to better serve the area.  They purchased a large quantity of inventory from a warehouse in Detroit, MI and began their industrial supply venture.

What started out as a trio soon became a duo, leaving Richard (Sr) and his business partner to run the show and the business moved to a new location across from the airport and continued to grow.

Richard (Jr), returning from the service, joined his father’s company starting out as a sales rep, himself.  After a turbulent couple of years, Richard and his son decided to create their own company and start fresh as a family-owned business.

A one car garage on Linnville Ave in Newark, a father and son, and determination sparked a new chapter in their lives as well as that of the community.   Word slowly began to spread, orders were coming in… and more turbulence… health issues prevented Richard (Sr) from continuing with the capacity he was before so Richard (Jr) picked up the workload and kept the business going.   With the business continuing to grow, space was needed to hold inventory and was moved to a building at the intersection of 30th and Main St in Newark.

The final move took place in 1983, when a parcel of land was purchased with a building that would become what is now the home of Phoenix Rose Fasteners with Richard (Jr) as the sole owner.   Since that time, a building addition was added for more storage as well as a separate building to handle the over flow.